Right around 8:00 PM, we headed to the GWARbar. I’m not gonna lie, I did a little dance. Just entering the great gate that guards the place was a bit overwhelming for me. Behold.

2015-07-03 19.58.54

I was frozen in my seat, as Oderus looked over us.

2015-07-03 20.13.55

Then, the menu.

Gwar Menu1Gwar Menu2

I think I blacked out, and then this showed up.

2015-07-03 20.17.48

Please forgive the quality of the pictures. The gaze from Oderus apparently masks everything in black.

The buffalo cauliflower is, like Gwar, from another planet. These alone are worth the drive to Richmond. Seriously, they’re that good. Our sandwiches followed.

2015-07-03 20.42.00

Sadly, This is the only one Oderus allowed me to post. We enjoyed the hail seitan and vegan flattus. The fennel slaw side is crazy good, especially if you like a vinegar tang.

Mike Derks, Gwar guitarist and head johnson, of the joint, was gracious enough to come over and allow me to live. We left, with some sort of vegan dessert brownie, that we ate at the hotel, with our hands.