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Espino’s Pizza is what appears to be just your average city pizza place, on the corner of Lemon and Concord, in Lancaster.  We walked through the door for a Saturday lunch and were immediately greeted by an incredibly friendly Dominican man, who turned out to be the owner.  He happily answered all of my questions and vegan concerns.  The man is obviously passionate about what he does and lets you know that everything is fresh and home made.  His enthusiasm is amazing.  As we were browsing the menu, it became pretty clear that the man would do anything he could to make his customers happy.

Take a look at the menu here.

We ended up with a couple of small pizzas, a calzone and rice and beans.  Crazy combo? Yep, but the guy’s Dominican and Lancaster Vegan jr. (LVJ, from here on), loves rice and beans.  We were told that the rice has artificial flavors, which I’m guessing is sazon, a pretty typical seasoning in Spanish food.  He says he can make it without, if you call ahead.  The gluten free dough is from made from rice flour and is also vegan.

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Out came the rice and beans.  LVJ. was all over them, after dumping on some of the house-made hot sauce.  The little man claimed they were some of the best he’s ever had.  He’s somewhat of a connoisseur.  We told him to slow down, so he had room for pizza.  No cares were given.  The plate and a bottle of OJ disappeared.

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Then came LVJ’s pineapple pizza and Mrs. LV’s calzone. My veggie pizza is not pictured.  LVJ polished off half of his pie.  Weighing in at 82Llb, the kid can throw down some food.  (As I write this, he’s capping off his meal with some dark chocolate macadamias, from Lemon Street Market).  The crust for the pizza and calzone was nice and crisp.  The owner popped in to proudly explain that the sauce is home made, from local tomatoes.  I love this guy!  We’re the same kind of crazy, when it comes to food.  What’s funny, is I still don’t know his name, because he had to dart out the door, to run lunch home to his wife.  What a guy.

Anyway, we loved everything about the little place.  I strongly urge stopping in and carbing out on some Dominican and Italian awesomeness!