• Hi!
    I am Nikki from VeganLancaster. I believe your name is Rick – I apologize if I am wrong. I told a young lady, Adrienne, about what you do, as she was looking to do the same and gave her and others at a meetup your FB page.
    Was hoping you could help me-A man reached out to me today looking for the best restaurants in Lancaster and Baltimore to take his wife Vegan wife for their anniversary. I told him I would ask you and get back to him. I thought if anyone would know it would be you! I can only think of cafes, fast casuals, and ethnic restaurants. I did tell him about Vedge if he was inclined to go to Philadelphia.

    • Thank you so much for thinking of me, Nikki! Adrienne and I did talk. Hands down, Vedge is the best. For Lancaster, the “best” is a difficult one. There are higher-end places, like Citronnelle, Pour, Hunger-n-Thirst, JJJ and Aussie and the Fox, to name a few, that are happy to make something vegan, if you call ahead. I’ve had great dinners at Hunger-n-Thirst and Pour. Also, I love Hunger-n-Thirst for the bottle shop and gourmet shop (try the shops bean salad). Himalayan (BYOB), Taj Mahal and Upohar(BYOB) are always good. Maybe you should have him send me a FB message, or reply here, so I can get a better feel of what he’s looking for. I could go on forever.

      I’ve been to Liquid Earth twice, as far as Baltimore goes. I think it’s BYOB. I enjoyed it both times.

      Thanks again! I love these questions.


  • John J Jeffries (Arts Hotel) made me an awesome vegan meal.. I did let them know I was vegan when making the reservation. I think Fenz has vegan options too but I haven’t been. I think overall, most high end restaurants will cater to vegans if you tell them in advance. But I agree, if he wants to go over the top and make it super special, he should take her to Vedge. Or Vstreet (owned by the same couple as Vedge).

    • I haven’t been to Fenz for a couple of years, but enjoyed them when we went. We still need to try Vstreet. Charlie Was A Sinner was our last Philly stop.

  • Hello! I live in Lancaster pa as well and this site is very informative. Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to put it up for people like me. I also would like to know if you know of or have any connections for local animal save groups or vegan outreach groups? Anyone doing any local activism? Or vigils at local slaughterhouses? Also, the Espinos pizza….do they offer vegan cheese? Or just regular cheese? Thanks!!!

    • I feel so bad that I’m only now seeing this. My inbox was filled with spam. You are very welcome. I really appreciate the comment. If there’s any places you’d like me to check out, or have any other questions, message the FB page. I’ll definitely see that faster.

      Chenoa Manor is an animal sanctuary in Avondale. I’ve been to their fundraiser. It’s seems like a cool organization.

      Espino’s is amazing. Make sure you get a chance to talk to him, if he’s actually there. He’ll proudly tell you about the Teese vegan cheese he uses. He’s super cool.

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